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maandag 26 november 2018

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, de samenzwering tot moord in 5 video's: geen theorie >> de echte samenzweringstheorie is dat hij 'werd vermoord door Lee Harvey Oswald'

Brasscheck TV bracht de afgelopen weken 4 artikelen en video's over de moord op John F. Kennedy (JFK), op 22 november jl. 55 jaar geleden. Hierbij gaat Brasscheck TV in op de volgende punten:
  • Het feest van de samenzweerders de avond voor de moord op Kennedy met H.L. Hunt ('olietycoon'), J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon en Lyndon B. Johnson, ten huize van 'olietycoon' C. Murchison.
  • De voorbereiding van het volk op de aanstaande moord op Kennedy.
  • Wat gebeurde er met de getuigen
  • De strijd om het lijk van Kennedy na de moord, waarbij bewijsmateriaal verdween. Voorts de vreemde samenstelling van de stoet voorafgaand aan de moord.
  • Het 'korte proces' tegen Lee Harvey Oswald, die ook door de media zonder enige kritiek werd aangewezen als de moordenaar.
Afgelopen week hoorde ik op BBC World Service radio nog eens de officiële lezing van de moord op Kennedy, waar men de officiële gelogen lezing over de gang van zaken nog steeds volgt, terwijl het overduidelijk is dat het de moord op Kennedy 'de vrucht is' van een echte samenzwering en niet een theorie, zoals de CIA al snel na de moord de wereld inhielp..... (de CIA noemde de twijfels aan de officiële lezing een 'samenzweringstheorie', hiermee werd deze term zelfs geïntroduceerd......)

Uit het volgende blijkt nogmaals dat niet alleen het militair-industrieel complex een groot belang had en heeft bij het voeren van oorlog, ook de oliemaffia had en heeft daar belang bij >> destijds ging het om de oorlog tegen Noord-Vietnam, die Kennedy zou hebben willen afblazen, daarnaast was er nog veel meer haat tegen hem, o.a. vanwege het Varkensbaai-incident in 1961, de poging om de Cubaanse revolutionaire regering omver te werpen....).......

The big party before the JFK assassination

Where were H.L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon B. Johnson the night before the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Witnesses put them all together as a party at the home of Clint Murchison, the Texas oil tycoon who controlled local law enforcement and J. Edgar Hoover.




The meeting in Dallas the night before the assassination included:

H.L. Hunt
J. Edgar Hoover
Richard Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson

At the home of Clint Murchison, the Texas oil tycoon.

Murchison owned J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon B. Johnson, and State of Texas law enforcement and stood to lose a fortune if Kennedy changed the oil depletion allowance and faced the very real possibility of jail time should then-Vice President Johnson be indicted, which gave the appearance of being a certainty.

Nixon and others involved claimed not to remember where he was that night.

The fingerprint found in the Book Depository sniper’s nest and suppressed by the FBI belonged to LBJ’s henchman who was convicted in at least one murder and was suspected of committing several others on Johnson’s behalf.

But it doesn’t matter who did what, what weapon they used, and what position they fired from.

That’s like asking which janitor they sent and whether he used a wire or nylon brush.

The mountains of minutia, endless conferences, books and assassination experts including Oliver Stone’s artfully loopy movie all obscure the basic points.
  1. The CIA was facing a thorough gutting at the hands of Kennedy as were their close colleagues in organized crime and the oil industry
  1. The Pentagon and the scumbags who supply them were facing the loss of billions upon billion of of dollars in profits and payoffs if Kennedy turned off the Vietnam gravy train.
  1. Hoover and Johnson knew each other very well, hated Kennedy and had very strong self-preservation reasons to want him dead. Both had been involved in political murders separately – and were to collaborate on future ones.
Recall that Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were both assassinated during the Johnson-Hoover regime and that Johnson was the president during the infamous USS Liberty incident. Robert Kennedy, like his brother, and Martin Luther King were murdered after they started talking against war in Vietnam. Another too rarely mentioned connection.)

These people – the CIA, organized crime, the Pentagon, Hoover and Johnson – were all murderers and they did what murderers do.

With Hoover in charge of the FBI and Johnson in control of the Federal government and Texas law enforcement, there was no investigation of the crime and any evidence that contradicted the manufactured “lone nut” theory was altered and in some cases outright destroyed.

Ongoing media suppression was carried out by the CIA and the cooperative and craven US news media.

It didn’t matter how good or bad your evidence is if you don’t control the process and it’s the new leader who controls the process.

Attorney Allen Dulles, the CIA head who supervised numerous coups and assassinations in other countries and had a grudge against Kennedy for firing him, understood this simple principle better than anyone.

That’s it. The beginning, middle and end of the story.

Discussions about the minutia of the specific mechanics of the operation are nothing more than a distraction and far off the key points which are:
    1. When push comes to shove, the military-industrial complex is in control of the US

    2. A criminally minded CIA and organized crime figures in the US and abroad collaborate on projects of mutual interest (drug running, assassination, the suppression of dissent) on a daily basis as they have done since WW II.

    3. The US news media – as well as the vast majority of academia – is an impotent joke.
These are the three elements that have guided and controlled the US since Kennedy’s assassination and they can, and continue to, get away with just about anything.

Preparing the public mind for the JFK Assassination

This is easily one of the strangest and most shocking "coincidences" of the JFK assassination.

A newscaster was handed this elaborate story to read just hours before Kennedy was killed.




The week before Kennedy was assassinated the news media, national and local to Dallas, went into overdrive about two subjects:

  1. How many people hated the Kennedys and wanted to do them harm
  1. How “reckless” Kennedy was in not strictly following security protocols (a similar charge was made about his son’s adherence to aviation safety and who died in a highly mysterious plane accident just as he was about to enter political life.)
Just hours before Kennedy was murdered in cold blood, this bizarre script was read in the two and a half minutes before Kennedy took the stage for a breakfast talk in Fort Worth.

Just think of how strange this is.

Who would write such a script? Who would order it to be read before a presidential appearance?

Just a few hours after this live newscast Kennedy was assassinated by a “lone nut” just like the one described in the local Texas newsfeed.

What happened to witnesses of the JFK assassination?

You've probably heard that many eye witnesses to the Kennedy assassination had very short lives - after the assassination.

Here's the story of one of them: a plainclothes detective with the Dallas Police Department.

Mind blowing testimony.




There were dozens of eyewitnesses to the Kennedy assassination including trained ones like police officers. They were ordered to keep their mouths shut about what they saw – and most did. Those who did not were warned, harassed, and if they were persistent enough, eliminated. One too-seldom discussed example. It was a hyperorganized coup, all in the name of the Vietnam War’s depopulation agenda.

The fight over Kennedy's body

exas law is pretty simple.

Anyone murdered in Texas – regardless of who he is - gets a Texas autopsy.

But when Kennedy was shot, the Secret Service stormed the hospital and literally battled Texas officials for the casket.

And that was only the beginning of the strangeness relating to the post-assassination handling of Kennedy's body.




The Dallas police stood down.

The Secret Service stood down.

Kennedy’s car was put at the front of the procession (an absolute violation) and there were no guards to his side and back to protect him.

In spite of a heightened security alert, ALL normal security procedures were toned down.

The scores of eye witnesses who heard, and in some cases saw, shots from the right of the President’s car were ignored.

The rifle that was originally found in the Texas School Book Depository did not match the casings that were found there.

Then the President’s body, one of the most important pieces of evidence in the crime, was literally stolen from the lawful possession of the State of Texas and handed over to two grossly incompetent career Navy physicians who had no experience in pathology or performing autopsies.

That’s our story so far.

Can there possibly be any doubt that:

a) there was more than one shooter on the scene
b) those in charge of the local police and the Secret Service arranged things in such a way as to facilitate the shooting and

c) eye witnesses were discouraged from reporting and the forensic exam was deliberately botched to maintain the one man, one bullet theory

The short trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

What Lee Harvey Oswald said after he was arrested and how he was "convicted" by the news media and dishonest prosecutors and police.




The last hours of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald before he was executed on live TV by Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby was a gangster, a Chicago guy who was sent to Dallas to operate and who used a strip club as his headquarters where he interacted daily with Dallas police giving them free liquor and prostitutes.

Very rarely spoken about was his role as a major market maker for narcotics dealing in Dallas

Previous to that, in Chicago, he’d worked as an enforcer for the Hearst newspaper chain during the sometimes violent competition for shelf space on news stands.

In his spare time away from California’s race tracks which he was known to frequent, he also spent time as a “campaign worker” for Richard Nixon’s first Congressional campaign.

Jack Ruby at the nexus of organized crime, US politics, corrupt police, the illegal drug trade, and dishonest news media – and most probably the CIA that works closely with all these parties.

Nothing to see here, move along”

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