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maandag 29 april 2019

Trump vermoordde al 40.000 Venezolaanse burgers

Caitlin Johnstone publiceerde een artikel op haar site n.a.v. een studie gedaan door het Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), waaruit de conclusie is getrokken dat rond de 40.000 Venezolanen zijn omgekomen door de sancties van de Trump administratie. Een beetje te snel door de bocht, als je het mij vraagt, daar onder Obama al een geheime economische oorlog werd gevoerd tegen het regime van Maduro.....* Alles bij elkaar, dus inclusief de periode dat Obama aan het bewind was, zijn er heel wat meer slachtoffers gevallen dan de genoemde 40.000.....

Overigens is de verwachting dat het aantal doden verder zal stijgen, daar de Trump administratie de sancties tegen Venezuela in januari dit jaar heeft vergroot........

In een aantal punten geeft Johnstone weer hoe de situatie door de VS sancties is verslechtert voor de bevolking in Venezuela en dat de sancties niet doen waar ze zogenaamd voor bedoeld waren: de top van de Venezolaanse regering en het leger treffen, de groepen die wel worden getroffen zijn de zwakste in de bevolking van Venezuela, waarvoor Johnstone een aantal groepen aanwijst.....

Volkomen terecht concludeert Johnstone dat deze, in feite oorlogsvoering tegen de bevolking van Venezuela, ingaat tegen het Verdrag van Genève en het Verdrag van Den Haag, waar dit soort sancties worden gezien als een ernstige oorlogsmisdaad, beide verdragen zijn door de VS ondertekend......

Zoals je ongetwijfeld weet is dit soort oorlogsvoering door de VS erop gericht de bevolking ontevreden te maken en dat men in dit geval het aftreden van Maduro zal eisen, deze opzet is gelukkig niet geslaagd, zoals deze ook in Syrië niet heeft gewerkt. Schandelijk dat dit VS spel in beide gevallen tot een enorm aantal doden heeft geleid.......

Johnstone vergelijkt e.e.a. met de oorlog tegen Libië en die tegen de sjiitische bevolking van Jemen, oorlogen waarvoor de VS in feite verantwoordelijk is. In Libië is dit al lang duidelijk, maar wat betreft Jemen beseffen velen niet dat de VS de genocide in Jemen vandaag nog kan beëindigen, een genocide waarvoor de Saoedische terreurcoalitie verantwoordelijk is, echter dat is tegen de wil van Trump, die zijn veto heeft uitgesproken over het stoppen van de militaire hulp en wapenleveringen** aan de reli-fascistische Saoedische dictatuur......

Het artikel van Johnstone heb ik overgenomen van Anti-Media:

Trump Has Murdered Over 40,000 Venezuelans With Sanctions: Study

April 25, 2019 at 6:09 pm
Written by Caitlin Johnstone

(CJ Opinion) — A new study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) has found that tens of thousands of Venezuelans have died as a direct result of Trump administration sanctions put into effect in August 2017, and that tens of thousands more are expected to die as a result of additional sanctions put into place in January of this year.

Some noteworthy points:
  • The sanctions are “depriving Venezuelans of lifesaving medicines, medical equipment, food, and other essential imports.”
  • The sanctions “reduced the public’s caloric intake, increased disease and mortality (for both adults and infants), and displaced millions of Venezuelans who fled the country as a result of the worsening economic depression and hyperinflation.”
  • The sanctions “have inflicted, and continue to inflict, very serious harm to human life and health, including an estimated more than 40,000 deaths from 2017–2018.”
  • That means 2019 deaths haven’t been added to this estimate. The year’s nearly half over, and more aggressive sanctions went into effect this past January.
  • Because of the sanctions, “some 22,000 doctors — about one third of the total — have left the country.”
  • The loss of so many billions of dollars of foreign exchange and government revenues was very likely the main shock that pushed the economy from its high inflation, when the August 2017 sanctions were implemented, into the hyperinflation that followed.”
  • The massive number of already highly at-risk Venezuelans hurting from the 2017 sanctions “virtually guarantee that the current sanctions, which are much more severe than those implemented before this year, are a death sentence for tens of thousands of Venezuelans. This is especially true if the projected 67 percent drop in oil revenue materializes in 2019.”
  • The United Nations finds that the groups most vulnerable to the accelerating crisis include children and adolescents (including many who can no longer attend school); people who are in poverty or extreme poverty; pregnant and nursing women; older persons; indigenous people; people in need of protection; women and adolescent girls at risk; people with disabilities; and people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex.”
  • The sanctions “would fit the definition of collective punishment of the civilian population as described in both the Geneva and Hague international conventions, to which the US is a signatory.”

To be clear, this unforgivable atrocity rests predominantly on the shoulders of the Trump administration. It is true that Venezuela has had deep economic troubles for years due to declining oil prices and other issues, and it is true that the sanctions in question follow a longstanding agenda of previous administrations and were built on the foundation of an Obama policy declaring the Venezuelan government an “extraordinary threat to national security”. But the report is clear in its assessment that what took the nation’s economy from a state of high inflation to hyperinflation was the August 2017 sanctions, and that’s what’s been causing these high numbers of deaths which will get even worse due to the January 2019 sanctions.

To put this in perspective for Trump supporters, 40,000 is also the number of people estimated to have died as a result of the disastrous Obama/Clinton interventionism in Libya. And, again, that number only covers 2017 and 2018, and death tolls are predicted to accelerate this year.

This would be the same President Trump, by the way, who recently vetoed a congressional bill to end the role of the United States in facilitating Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen. Research from the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project indicates that up to 80,000 people had been killed in this war as of the end of last year. This number applies to deaths by military violence only, not to the other untold tens of thousands who have died of starvation and cholera as a result of Saudi Arabia’s inhuman blockades on imports and its deliberate targeting of farms, fishing boats, marketplaces, food storage sites and cholera treatment centers with airstrikes. Just for children under the age of five, the death toll due to starvation alone is believed to be over 85,000.

Is America great yet?

Sanctions are the only form of warfare where it’s considered perfectly acceptable and legitimate to deliberately target a nation’s civilian population with lethal force. The human corpses it creates are just as dead as the human corpses created by overt military violence, but because this form of violence happens in slow motion it’s not treated like the same kind of horrific assault as if Trump had ordered the carpet bombing of Caracas. The distinction makes no difference to the dead and no difference to their loved ones, but it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to manufacturing public consent for murderous acts of interventionism.

The way sanctions are discussed by the western political/media class, they can even get away with blaming the deaths on the government being targeted. They’ll say things like, “Maduro is starving his people by not stepping down.” That tactic would never work with other forms of lethal force. Imagine if Trump deployed a barrage of Tomahawk missiles onto the most impoverished parts of a densely populated city in Venezuela, then hearing anyone say “Well Maduro actually exploded those people, because he wouldn’t do what we told him to do.”

It doesn’t work. Sanctions are a slower and more gruelling weapon of war than bombs and missiles, but they’re vastly superior when it comes to the matter of keeping the public asleep through depraved acts of mass slaughter. Which is why everyone’s yammering about Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announcement right now instead of talking about this new CEPR report.

To this day I still run into defenders of Trump’s Venezuela interventionism (easily the most obnoxious and intellectually dishonest political group I’ve ever encountered, for the record) who insist that the sanctions are laser-targeted only at Venezuela’s elites, having no impact on the suffering of the Venezuelan people. This is exactly as stupid as believing that American bombs only kill bad guys. Attacking an economy hurts the people who depend on that economy to feed themselves and their children.

Sanctions are an act of war which kill civilians just as dead as any other, and this latest report helps make that a stark and undeniable reality for us all.

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Opinion by Caitlin Johnstone / Republished with permission / Medium / Report a typo

*  Een geheime economische oorlog: door winkelketens voor levensmiddelen uit de VS onder druk te zetten hun winkels in Venezuela zo min mogelijk of helemaal niet te bevoorraden. Hetzelfde deed de Obama administratie met de grote farmaceuten, ook zij werden onder druk gezet zo min mogelijk de voorraden voor Venezuela aan te vullen...... Onlangs nog werd bekend gemaakt dat de Trump administratie 5 miljard dollar van Venezuela, voor aankopen van medicijnen in de VS, heeft geconfisqueerd..... Zie: 'VS heeft beslag gelegd op 5 miljard dollar van Venezuela voor medicijnaankopen' (en dan durft de VS het bewind Maduro te verwijten dat er geen medicijnen te krijgen zijn in Venezuela, overigens alweer een enorme leugen van de terroristische Trump administratie!)

** Wapenleveringen, daaronder versta ik naast wapens en munitie, ook de levering van rollend, varend en vliegend oorlogstuig.

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