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vrijdag 15 februari 2019

Venezuela >> de media willen het socialisme definitief de nek omdraaien

Socialisme begint de laatste jaren wat hipper te worden, als ik het hieronder opgenomen artikel van Alan MacLeod op Fair moet geloven en weet je wat: het zou best kunnen kloppen, vandaar misschien de belangstelling voor de jessias van 'GroenLinks' Klaver...... Jammer dat die jonge mensen dan niet zien dat ze een reuzen oor aangenaaid krijgen door deze valse 'linkse' profeet, een 'profeet' van een partij die allesbehalve links is en zich net zo hard laat meeslepen door de de leugens van de CIA en de reguliere massamedia..... 

'GroenLinks' een partij die maar al te vaak instemt met maatregelen die een linkse en groene partij tegen de borst zouden moeten stuiten, zo staat deze partij achter het schunnige 'sociale' leenstelsel t.b.v. studenten...... Sterker nog: op provinciaal en lokaal gebied draait GL gewoon mee als onderdeel van het Nederlandse compromis baggerbestuur.....

Eén ding is zeker: de reguliere westerse massamedia moeten niets van links hebben, simpelweg daar hun bazen niets op hebben met links en de bestaande neoliberale status quo gehandhaafd willen zien, waar ze zelfs de illegale oorlogen van de VS gesteund willen zien, niet in de laatste plaats daar men aandelen heeft in de wapenindustrie..... Wat mooier als je tegen links bestuur bent dan als massamedia een cadeau als Venezuela door de VS in de schoot geworpen te krijgen, Venezuela het door een economische oorlog van de VS aan de grond geraakte land.... 

Met superlatieven spreekt men in die media over de desastreuze economische politiek van het Maduro bewind, alsof er nooit een economische oorlog heeft plaatsgevonden tegen Venezuela, wat zeg ik, een oorlog die nog steeds plaatsvindt (nu met sancties die zelfs door de EU zijn opgelegd...), terwijl zich een door de VS opgezette opstand en staatsgreep voltrekt in dat land......

De BBC liet zelfs een correspondent verklaren wat er op de straten in Venezuela gebeurde, terwijl deze knurft in Miami zat....* (je gelooft je oren niet....)

In het hieronder opgenomen artikel van Alan MacLeod, gepubliceerd op Fair, een fiks aantal voorbeelden van de bevooroordeelde en fake news (nepnieuws) verspreidende reguliere massamedia in de VS (leugens en andere desinformatie die overigens in de hele westerse massamedia terug zijn te vinden):

FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Venezuela’: Media’s One-Word Rebuttal to the Threat of Socialism


Collage of Venezuela and Socialism Headlines

Socialism—whatever that means—is in vogue right now. A recent Gallup poll (8/13/18) found that a majority of millennials view socialism favorably, preferring it to capitalism. Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States, while new leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) policies of higher taxes on the wealthy, free healthcare and public college tuition are highly popular—even among Republican voters (, 1/23/19).
Alarmed by the growing threat of progressive policies at home, the establishment has found a one-word weapon to deploy against the rising tide: Venezuela. The trick is to attack any political figure or movement even remotely on the left by claiming they wish to turn the country into a “socialist wasteland” (Fox News, 2/2/19) run by a corrupt dictatorship, leaving its people hungry and devastated.
Leading the charge have been Fox News and other conservative outlets. One Fox opinion piece (1/25/19) claimed that Americans should be “absolutely disgusted” by the “fraud” of Bernie Sanders and Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, as they “continue to promote a system that is causing mass starvation and the collapse of a country,” warning that is exactly what their failed socialist policies would bring to the US. (Back in the real world, while Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez identify as socialists, Warren is a self-described capitalist, and Booker is noted for his ties to Wall Street, whose support for his presidential bid he has reportedly been soliciting.) A second Fox Newsarticle (1/27/19) continues in the same vein, warning that, “At the heart of Venezuela’s collapse is a laundry list of socialist policies that have decimated its economy.”
In an article entitled “Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and the Starving Children of Venezuela,” the Washington Examiner (6/15/17) warned its readers to “beware the socialist utopia,” describing it as a dystopia where children go hungry thanks to socialism. The Wall Street Journal (1/28/19) recently condemned Sanders for his support of a “dictator,” despite the fact Bernie has strongly criticized Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, and dismissed Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, as a “dead Communist dictator” (Reuters, 6/1/16).
More supposedly centrist publications have continued this line of attack. The New York Times’ Bret Stephens (1/25/19) argued: “Venezuela is a socialist catastrophe. In the age of AOC, the lesson must be learned again”—namely, that “socialism never works,” as “20 years of socialism” has led to “the ruin of a nation.” The Miami Herald (2/1/19) cast shame on Sanders and AOC for arguing for socialism in the face of such overwhelming evidence against it, describing the left’s refusal to back self-appointed president Juan Guaidó, someone whom less than 20 percent of Venezuelans had even heard of, let alone voted for, as “morally repugnant.”
This useful weapon to be used against the left can only be sustained by withholding a great number of key facts—chief among them, the US role in Venezuela’s devastation. US sanctions, according to the Venezuelan opposition’s economics czar, are responsible for a halving of the country’s oil output (,12/17/18). The UN Human Rights Council has formally condemned the US and discussed reparations to be paid, with one UN special rapporteur describing Trump’s sanctions as a possible “crime against humanity” (London Independent1/26/19). This has not been reported by any the New York TimesWashington PostCNN or any other national US “resistance” news outlet, which have been only too quick to support Trump’s regime change plans (FAIR.org1/25/19).
Likewise, the local US-backed opposition’s role in the economic crisis is barely mentioned. The opposition, which controls much of the country’s food supply, has officially accepted responsibility for conducting an “economic war” by withholding food and other key goods.
For example, the monolithic Empresas Polar controls the majority of the flour production and distribution crucial for making arepa cornbread, Venezuela’s staple food. Polar’s chair is Leopoldo Lopez, national coordinator of Juan Guaidó’s Popular Will party, while its president is Lorenzo Mendoza, who considered running for president against Maduro in the 2018 elections that caused pandemonium in the media (FAIR.org5/23/18).
Conspicuously, it’s the products that Polar has a near-monopoly in that are often in shortest supply. This is hardly a secret, but never mentioned in the copious stories (CNN5/14/14Bloomberg3/16/17Washington Post5/22/17NPR4/7/17) focusing on bread lines in the country.
Also rarely commented on was the fact that multiple international election observer missions declared the 2018 elections free and fair, and that Venezuelan government spending as a proportion of GDP (often considered a barometer of socialism) is actually lower than the US’s, and far lower than most of Europe’s,according to the conservative Heritage Foundation.
Regardless of these bothersome facts, the media has continued to present Venezuela’s supposedly socialist dictatorship as solely responsible for its crisis as a warning to any progressives who get the wrong idea. So useful is this tool that it is being used to attack progressive movements around the world. The Daily Express (2/3/19) and Daily Mail (2/3/19) condemned UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for his “defense” of a “dictator,” while the Daily Telegraph (2/3/19) warned that the catastrophe of Venezuela is Labour’s blueprint for Britain. Meanwhile, the Greek leftist party Syriza’s support for Maduro (the official position of three-quarters of UN member states) was condemned as “shameful” (London Independent1/29/19).
Venezuela” is also used as a one-word response to shut down debate and counter any progressive idea or thought. While the panel on ABC’s The View (7/23/18) discussed progressive legislation like Medicare for All and immigration reform, conservative regular Meghan McCain responding by invoking Venezuela: “They’re starving to death” she explained, leaving the other panelists bemused.
President Trump has also used it. In response to criticism from Senator Elizabeth Warren over his “Pocahontas” jibe, he replied that she would “make our country into Venezuela” (Reuters, 10/15/18).
The weapon’s effectiveness can only be sustained through a media in lockstep with the government’s regime-change goals. That the media is fixated on the travails of a relatively small and unimportant country in America’s “backyard,” and that the picture of Venezuela is so shallow, is not a mistake. Rather, the simplistic narrative of a socialist dictatorship starving its own people provides great utility as a weapon for the establishment to beat back the domestic “threat” of socialism, by associating movements and figures such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbyn with an evil caricature they have carefully crafted.

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