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donderdag 14 september 2017

Pentagon betrapt op vervalsen documenten over wapenleveringen aan terreurgroepen in Syrië.......

Weer is het Pentagon betrapt op het leveren van wapens aan terreurgroepen in Syrië, dit keer niet via gelekte documenten op Wikileaks. In een rapport van 2 clubs die de wapenhandel monitoren, t.w.: het 'Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project' (OCCRP) en het 'Balkan Investigative Reporting Network' (BIRN), valt niet alleen te lezen dat het Pentagon bezig is om (veelal nagemaakte Russische) wapens ter waarde van 2.2 miljard dollar te leveren aan die terreurgroepen, maar ook daadwerkelijk bezig is om de documenten die e.e.a. aantonen te veranderen, zodat het spoor naar het Pentagon niet gevonden kan worden.......

Het OCCRP en BIRN hebben uitvoerig onderzoek gedaan en stuitten daarbij op het feit dat deze wapenleveringen worden geregeld en verzonden vanaf de Balkan en de Caucasus. Het VS ministerie van Defensie heeft voor 2017 en 2018 maar liefst 584 miljoen dollar aan budget gereserveerd voor deze wapenleveringen, daarnaast is er voor 900 miljoen gereserveerd t.b.v. deze terreurgroepen voor de periode van nu tot 2022. Samen met de al uitgegeven kosten komt men op een bedrag van 2,2 miljard (billion) dollar......... (al zou 1,484 miljard dollar ook al geen misselijk bedrag zijn......)

Veel van de wapenhandelaren waar de VS mee samenwerkt en die hen nagemaakte Sovjet wapens leveren, zitten in de Oost-Europese georganiseerde misdaad* en voormalige Sovjet republieken als Kazachstan, Georgië en Oekraïne....... Daarnaast heeft één van de munitiefabrieken in Oost-Europa aangekondigd 1.000 extra personeelsleden aan te trekken, om aan de vraag (van de VS) te kunnen voldoen..........

Lees dit ontluisterende artikel van Tyler Durden, dat eerder verscheen op Zero Hedge, ik nam het over van Anti-Media, waarin verder o.a. aandacht voor het al eerder bewezen feit, dat de CIA wapens heeft geleverd aan Al Qaida.........

Pentagon Caught Falsifying Paperwork for Weapons Transfers to Syrian Rebels

September 13, 2017 at 9:56 am
Written by Tyler Durden
(ZHE— A new bombshell joint report issued by two international weapons monitoring groups Tuesday confirms that the Pentagon continues to ship record breaking amounts of weaponry into Syria and that the Department of Defense is scrubbing its own paper trail. On Tuesday the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) produced conclusive evidence that not only is the Pentagon currently involved in shipping up to $2.2 billion worth of weapons from a shady network of private dealers to allied partners in Syria – mostly old Soviet weaponry – but is actually manipulating paperwork such as end-user certificates, presumably in order to hide US involvement.

The OCCRP and BIRN published internal US defense procurement files after an extensive investigation which found that the Pentagon is running a massive weapons trafficking pipeline which originates in the Balkans and Caucuses, and ends in Syria and Iraq. The program is ostensibly part of the US train, equip, and assist campaign for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, a coalition of YPG/J and Arab FSA groups operating primarily in Syria’s east). The arms transfers are massive and the program looks to continue for years. According to Foreign Policy’s (FP) coverage of the report:
The Department of Defense has budgeted $584 million specifically for this Syrian operation for the financial years 2017 and 2018, and has earmarked another $900 million of spending on Soviet-style munitions between now and 2022. The total, $2.2 billion, likely understates the flow of weapons to Syrian rebels in the coming years.

But perhaps more shocking is the following admission that Pentagon suppliers have links with known criminal networks, also from FP:
According to the report, many of the weapons suppliers — primarily in Eastern Europe but also in the former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine — have both links to organized crime throughout Eastern Europe and spotty business records.
The sheer amount of material necessary for the Pentagon program — one ammunition factory announced it planned to hire 1,000 new employees in 2016 to help cope with the demand — has reportedly stretched suppliers to the limit, forcing the Defense Department to relax standards on the materials it’s willing to accept.

It is likely that the organized crime association is the reason why the Pentagon has sought to alter its records. In addition, the sheer volume of weaponry continuing to ship to the Syrian battlefield and other parts of the Middle East means inevitable proliferation among unsavory terror groups – a phenomenon which has already been exhaustively documented in connection with the now reportedly closed CIA program to topple the Syrian government. The associations and alliances among some of the Arab former FSA groups the DoD continues to support in the north and east remains fluid, which means means US-supplied weapons will continue to pass among groups with no accountability for where they end up.

One of the authors of the OCCRP/BIRN report, Ivan Angelovski, told Foreign Policy that, The Pentagon is removing any evidence in their procurement records that weapons are actually going to the Syrian opposition.” The report is based on internal US government memos which reveal that weapons shipment destination locations have been scrubbed from original documents.

Falsified and altered Pentagon procurement documents:



Balkan Insight, which is hosting the original investigative report: Seven US procurement documents were whitewashed to remove reference to ‘Syria’ after reporters contacted the Pentagon to enquire about whether the exporting countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia – had been informed of the destination.”

The fact that Foreign Policy, which is the foremost establishment national security publication in the world, would admit that the Pentagon’s Syria weapons procurement program is tied to East European organized crime is itself hugely significant. At this point the evidence is simply so overwhelming that even establishment sources like FP – which itself has generally been pro-interventionist on Syria – can’t deny it.

FP further reports that the Pentagon program appears to be turbocharging a shadowy world of Eastern European arms dealers.” And adds further that, “the Pentagon is reportedly removing documentary evidence about just who will ultimately be using the weapons, potentially weakening one of the bulwarks of international protocols against illicit arms dealing.”

Map/Infographic produced as part of the OCCRP/BIRN report, itself confirmed by Foreign Policy magazine. Notice the map denotes that prior CIA weapons went directly to Idlib province (northwest, section in green) and the Golan border region (south). Both of these areas were and continue to be occupied by al-Qaeda (in Idlib, AQ’s Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham). In Idlib specifically, analysts have confirmed genocidal cleansing of religious minorities conducted by AQ “rebels” directly assisted by CIA weapons.

Late last month we featured the story of Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who was fired from her job after being interrogated by national intelligence officials for exposing the same Pentagon arms network which is the subject of the latest OCCRP/BIRN investigation. At the time, Al Jazeera was the only major international outlet which covered the story, which confirmed that Bulgarian agents interrogated Gaytandzhieva and “tried to find out her sources.” An anonymous source had leaked a large trove of internal government files connected to the arms trafficking to the East European-based Trud Newspaper journalist, which was the basis of her reporting. The newest investigation released Tuesday appears to include some of the same documents, also confirmed by Gayandzhieva.

By Tyler Durden / Republished with permission / Zero Hedge / Report a typo

Om de getoonde documenten te vergroten kan u uw browser gebruiken (rechtsboven), of ga naar het originele artikel, waarop u de documenten kan vergroten door erop te klikken.

* Oost-Europese landen die willens en wetens meehelpen aan deze wapenleveranties, weigeren de gevolgen van deze leveringen, waaronder de grote vluchtelingenstromen, onder ogen te zien, sterker nog: ze weigeren deze vluchtelingen zelfs toegang tot hun land.........

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