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vrijdag 16 februari 2018

Syrië: nieuwe gifgasaanval als 'false flag' operatie tegen Syrisch bewind in voorbereiding........

Tijdens de illegale oorlog tegen Syrië zijn meerdere pogingen gedaan het Syrische bewind te beschuldigen van gifgasaanvallen tegen de eigen bevolking en ondanks dat deze aanvallen na onderzoek stuk voor stuk werden toegewezen aan de 'gematigde rebellen' (lees door het westen gesteunde psychopathische moordenaars, verkrachters en martelbeulen), houden de westerse reguliere media en het grootste deel van de westerse politici vol dat Syrië 'ofwel Assad' de schuldige was.......

Uit een groot aantal aanwijzingen zou volgens Moon of Alabama blijken dat men o.a. samen met de White Helmets (onderdeel van Al Qaida Syrië dat door de VS van 'de zwarte lijst' is gehaald...) en CNN bezig is een nieuwe 'false flag' operatie op touw te zetten, waarbij Syrië weer zal worden aangewezen als dader van een gifgasaanval......

In het volgende artikel wordt o.a. uitgelegd dat chlorine amper slachtoffers maakt, terwijl men bij meerdere aanvallen met dit gas, sprak over het uiterst dodelijke sarin gas........ Zoals men ook vorig jaar bij de aanval op Khan Sheikhoun, waarbij een voorraad chlorine van Al Qaida Syrië werd geraakt, stelde dat de Syrische luchtmacht sarin gas zou hebben ingezet, ook dit was alweer een leugen van enorme proporties..... 

Een bericht eerder gepubliceerd op Moon of Alabama, zoals overgenomen op Information Clearing House 15 februari 2018:

Syria - New 'Chemical Weapons' Fake Planned - Chlorine Though Will Not Do

By Moon Of Alabama

February 15, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  During the seven years of the war on Syria several accusations were made that the government that it had used 'chemical weapons' against the attacking extremists. The Syrian government denied to have ever released any chemicals. The implausible to murky 'evidence' of such incidents always came from foreign paid  propaganda groups and extremists on the ground. They were likely staged to incriminate the government and to thereby induce military attacks by foreign states.

We currently see several reports which in their combination look like preparations for of another fake 'chemical weapon' incident.

On February 13 the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria noted a warning of an upcoming false-flag 'chemical attack' incident:
"On the evening of February 12, a resident from the Serakab settlement located in the Idlib province called the Russian Center for Reconciliaition to notify (the center) about a chemical weapons attack that could be staged to provide footage for a foreign TV channel," the statement reads. "The caller said that earlier on February 12, Jabhat al-Nusra members travelling in three cars had brought more than 20 chlorine gas cylinders and personal protective equipment to Serakab," the Center added.
"According to the caller, members of the local While Helmets branch wore personal protective equipment while rehearsing first aid provision to civilians suffering from chemical poisoning," the Russian Center said.
"The caller pointed out that 
all the proceedings had been filmed by professional reporters who used a mic with the CNN logo, while commenting on the actions being taken by the White Helmets," the statement said, adding that in between takes, the reporters had consulted with some people over a satellite telephone in English.
The White Helmets are a mostly British funded propaganda organization embedded with Hayat Tahreer Al-Sham, the current incarnation of al-Qaeda in Syria which rules Idleb governorate. The head of al-Qaeda in Syria, Abu Jaber Al-Sheikh, lauded (videoalternative) the White Helmets as the "hidden soldiers of our revolution".

CNN is currently embedded with al-Qaeda and is producing White Helmets propaganda in Idleb governorate:
CNN Today‏ @cnntoday - 12:23 AM - 14 Feb 2018
 from @arwaCNN in #Idlib Syria and @holmescnn has #TheBreakdown on more fighting in #Ghouta #Afrin #DeirEzzor
The Russian warning is not the only sign that another fake chemical weapon attack is coming up.

The Israeli government is pushing "top secret" disinformation into the public which preemptively blames the Syrian government for any upcoming incident. It is also attempts to influence foreign governments on the issue:
According to a "Top secret" cable sent to Israeli ambassadors earlier this week, Israel fears that the Assad regime will use the chemical weapons it still has left in a way which might spill over to Israeli territory. The contents of the cable were shared with me by senior Israeli officials.
[T]he strategic division in the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs sent the 'Top Secret" cable to 15 Israeli embassies around the world, including in Washington.
One of the more unusual instructions in the cable was 
to pass a strong message regarding the Israeli concern that the chemical weapons left at the disposal of the Assad regime might be used against rebel forces ...
On Tuesday the White Helmets were again trying to get more foreign powers involved in fighting the Syrian government:
France should stop talking about red lines and focus on real action to persuade the main actors in Syria’s conflict to agree a ceasefire, [Abdulrahman Almawwas], the vice-president of the Syria Civil Defence, or “White Helmets”, said on Tuesday.
Speaking after meeting senior French officials, 
including Macron’s chief diplomatic adviser, Almawwas said France needed to put pressure on the main protagonists, such as pushing for a no-fly zone, even though he acknowledged France had few options.
Only hours after Abdulrahman Almawwas spoke with Macron’s chief diplomatic adviser, the French president issued a statement which set up a 'red line' trap:
On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line,” Macron told reporters. “If we have proven evidence that chemical weapons proscribed in treaties are used, we will strike the place where they are made.”
Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population.”
Setting red lines is a trap for oneself as it includes an invitation to others to break them. Anyone can release 'chemical weapons' in insurgent controlled areas in Syria and blame the Syrian government - thus potentially triggering the French 'red line'. So far though France has "not established" that a real chemical weapon incident ever happened. Of note in Macron's statement was also the threat to strike at "the place where they are made". That place would likely be outside of Syria. The French Foreign Ministry noted Macorn's inconvenient choice of words, intervened and today "clarified" his remarks:
France's foreign minister on Wednesday sought to clarify his government's position on the use of chemical weapons in Syria saying that Paris would only strike if the attacks were lethal and carried out by government forces.
"(The president) confirmed that he would proceed to military strikes against regime installations if there was a new use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad's forces 
when these attacks are lethal and regime's responsibility is proven," Jean-Yves Le Drian told lawmakers.
Al-Qaeda will have no problem to create a "lethal" chemical weapon attack. They have killed ten-thousands of Syrian without any remorse. To "prove" that the Syrian government did it will be the task of the White Helmets and its CNN and Atlantic Council collaborators.

Chlorine though will not do.

Source: Chlorine - Properties (vid) - bigger

In their last attempt to smear the Syrian government for using 'chemical weapons' those organizations hyped the remainsof a few 107mmm rockets which allegedly carried chlorine gas and were fired against the Takfiri held areas of east-Ghouta. (Unmentioned were the thousands of grenades fired by east-Ghouta Takfiris against civilians in Damascus.)

If those rockets had held chlorine they would have had no effect on anyone.

Chlorine gas is hardly ever deadly. It is 2.5 times heavier than air with a distinct yellow-green color and a strong bleach odor. Chlorine gas will only kill those submerged in a high concentration cloud. If one sees or smells it one simply walks away from the cloud and thereby stays safe. Chlorine was used as the first chemical weapon in World War I because it would creep downwards into deep enemy ditches. Even then it was soon found to be ineffective as a weapon and replaced with other chemicals.

That a few rockets with a few pounds of chlorine would have no 'lethal' effect is also obvious from official reportsduring the U.S. occupation of Iraq:
The first documented chlorine attack was Oct. 21, 2006, in Ramadi, a Multinational Force Iraq spokeswoman said. In that attack, terrorists drove a car bomb with 12 120 mm mortar shells and two 100-pound chlorine tanks. The attack wounded three Iraqi policemen and a civilian.
The first attack that received media attention was at Taji, where terrorists remotely detonated a 5-ton truck packed with 100 pounds of high explosives and two 1-ton chlorine tanks. The attack killed one civilian and wounded 114 others.
The most recent attack was June 3 against Forward Operating Base Warhorse, in Diyala province. Again, a suicide car bomber launched the attack, and officials estimate it included 
two tanks of chlorine and 1,000 pounds of explosive. The cloud from the attack blew over Warhorse and sickened 65 servicemembers, Multinational Force Iraq officials said. All were examined and returned to duty. 
A Multinational Force Iraq spokesman said there are anecdotal reports that 
while the blasts from the attacks have killed, few have died solely from the gas. “We hear that an old man and some babies may have been killed, but we can’t pin that down,” the spokesman said.
If literally tons of chlorine were used in attacks in Iraq with no deadly effect how could a few pounds on top of some small rockets kill anyone?

On February 2 the U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis acknowledge the practical uselessness of chlorine by putting it into a "separate category" than other chemical weapons. He also noted that he has no evidence of any such weapon use:
Q: Is there evidence of chlorine gas weapons used -- evidence of chlorine gas weapons?
           SEC. MATTIS: I think that's, yes --
Q: No, I know, I heard you.
SEC. MATTIS: I think it's been used repeatedly. And that's, as you know, a somewhat separate category, which is why I broke out the sarin as another -- yeah.
Q: So there's credible evidence out there that both sarin and chlorine --
SEC. MATTIS: No, I have not got the evidence, not specifically. I don't have the evidence.
What I'm saying is that other -- that groups on the ground, NGOs, fighters on the ground have said that sarin has been used. So we are looking for evidence. I don't have evidence, credible or uncredible.
NGOs and "fighters on the ground" claimed to have evidence of chemical weapon attacks. But just like the French agencies and armed forces Macron mentioned, Mattis and the DoD have none.

The Takfiris of al-Qaeda, the White Helmets propaganda shop and its media acolytes may well prepare, as the Russians report, another fake chemical attack stunt. The Israeli government is busy preparing the public relations ground. But the French government, having trapped itself with 'red line' nonsense, then set the mark higher at 'lethal' attacks.

Chlorine is, as shown above, hardly ever lethal. But al-Qaeda will have no qualms about coming up with a few corpses to prove the 'lethality' of a fake incident.

We also have seen how, with some outside help, a harmless chlorine release can be faked in an allegedly deadly sarin attack. Such happened in April 2017 in the Khan Sheikhun incident.

Multiple early on-the-ground reports by local witnesses and Turkish officials spoke of chlorine release and chlorine affected patients. Only a day later were these claims turned into an alleged "sarin attack". Real evidence was never obtained from the al-Qaeda ruled grounds where that incident happened. 

discredited investigation was inconclusive. It claimed some "sarin-like substance" may have been involved but it could not even explain why more than 50 casualties of the claimed incident arrived at far away hospitals BEFORE it had happened at all:
The admission times of the [hospital] records range between 0600 and 1600 hours. Analysis of the aforementioned medical records revealed that in 57 cases, patients were admitted in five hospitals before the incident in Khan Shaykhun (at 0600, 0620 and 0640 hours).
One has to agree with Secretary of Defense Mattis on this - some corpses shown to CNN by "NGOs" and "fighters on the ground" are not real evidence. Neither are discredited investigations. If the al-Qaeda Takfiris and its supporters want to come up with some believable fake they must set their standard much higher.

This article was originally published by "Moon Of Alabama

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