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donderdag 10 mei 2018

McCain terminaal ziek: vier als het zover is zijn dood luidruchtig, niets om je voor te schamen

John McCains heeft een tumor in z'n smerige hersenen, lullig voor hem en zijn familie, maar zijn dood zal voor een groot deel van de wereld een enorme opluchting zijn.....

Ofwel: John McCain zal waarschijnlijk niet lang te leven hebben. Gegarandeerd dat deze psychopathische moordenaar zal worden opgehemeld na zijn overlijden, sterker nog daar is men nu al mee bezig zoals Caitlin Johnstone in het hieronder opgenomen artikel beschrijft.....

Dit ophemelen van McCain is van belang voor de vele andere politici die in feite de dood van vele duizenden op hun geweten hebben, ze hebben er nut bij, immers zo kunnen ze zelf de huidige status quo bewaren, waarbij ze instemmen of zelfs aandringen op militair ingrijpen van de VS, voorts beschermt het deze politici tegen kritiek en zelfs vervolging.....*. De reguliere media in de VS (en de rest van het westen) zorgen ervoor dat de illegale oorlogen van de VS en haar (o.a. NAVO) coalitiegenoten op een Orwelliaanse manier worden 'gerechtvaardigd' en verheerlijkt als onontkoombaar noodzakelijk...... 

Het militair-industrieel complex (waar ik ook de oliemaffia toereken) heeft er alle belang bij dat er continu oorlogen worden gevoerd en dat de spanningen hoog blijven oplopen...... 

Caitlin Johnstone, de schrijver van het hieronder opgenomen artikel (eerder gepubliceerd op Steemit), betoogt volkomen terecht dat er niets te treuren valt na het overlijden van McCain, sterker nog zij stelt dat de dood van McCain zonder enige schaamte, luidruchtig gevierd moet worden.

Lees het artikel van Johnstone, recht uit het hart geschreven en waarin uitlatingen t.a.v. McCain worden gedaan door o.a. Glenn Greenwald

Why You Should Celebrate Loudly and Unapologetically When John McCain Dies

May 8, 2018 at 9:30 am
Written by Caitlin Johnstone

Arizona Senator and murderous psychopath John McCain is rumored to be at death’s door, and already the world is being admonished by high-profile empire loyalists not to voice any criticism of his blood-saturated, obnoxiously long career.

Anti-McCain twitter seems to have reached new heights (or depths) of repulsiveness,” tweeted Iraq-raping PNAC founder Bill Kristol to thunderous applause from #Resistance Twitter. “In the hope that a few of the haters see this, let me say: I’m proud to have voted for John McCain for president three times (2000 & 2008 primaries & 2008 general), and for Donald Trump…never.”

John McCain reminds us that American greatness is made by those who understand that character is the sum of one’s hardest choices; that reality is not a TV show; that fame is mist but honor granite; that heroes don’t need fixers on retainer,” the Washington Post‘s David Von Drehle preemptively eulogized in a nauseating article titled “John McCain isn’t the ideal messenger. He’s the ideal message.”

STFU, Trumpites,” scolded the somewhat less subtle Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast. “John McCain is 50 times the person you’ll ever be.”

Other commentators have had other ideas.

These repressive decrees prohibiting criticisms of John McCain as he dies are like those who insist gun control not be spoken of after mass shootings,” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald. “Discussions of his life are inherently political. If you’re going heap praise on & sanctify him, you can’t also silence critics.”

Insisting on the right to convert every US political leader into a heroic & noble saint upon death, while condemning critics as gauche & classless, is propaganda,” Greenwald added. “It’s easy to dismiss all the deaths McCain has caused because they’re distant and invisible, but they still matter.”

I would take it a few clicks further, personally. I say it is the duty of everyone who opposes acts of mass military slaughter for power and profit to cheer loudly and unapologetically when John McCain dies.

We should all celebrate McCain’s death. Not in a spirit of vengeance for the lives his relentless warmongering has helped end. Nor because his death may save innocent lives, though that possibility is surely an added perk. No, we should celebrate the end of McCain’s despicable life first and foremost to prevent such bloodthirsty depravity from being normalized, or worse, immortalized as heroism.

Many people will recoil from such a notion in horror, like the pearl-clutching ladies on The View did when discussing my article “Please Just Fucking Die Already” which I wrote about McCain shortly before his cancer diagnosis. These people are cowards. They have compartmentalized themselves away from the horrors that McCain has helped inflict upon this world because it is more psychologically comfortable than acknowledging that such a pervasively evil presence has been working so intimately with the nexus of power in their country.

If everyone could be forced Clockwork Orange-style to look at all the death, destruction and suffering that John McCain has helped inflict upon our species, they would feel nothing but relief upon his departing from this world. It is only the aforementioned power to dissociate and compartmentalize which enables people to spew nonsense about McCain being a hero and a good man.

It is this pocket of compartmentalization that we are being bullied into by establishment loyalists who demand solemn reverence for this unforgivable monster simply because his time here is almost up. They are doing this because it benefits and protects them. The ability of the servants of empire to proudly show their faces in public after helping to ensure the deaths of countless thousands of human beings is absolutely essential for the survival of the Orwellian oligarchy which rules over us. If we could see these murderous beasts for what they truly are, the illusion would be shattered and we’d never consent to being ruled by a system which empowers them.

To truly see John McCain for what he is and what he has done is to see the face of the oppression machine that rank-and-file Americans have been manipulated into supporting.

The empire which spends medicine money on bombs overseas and insists on an economic system that is propped up with the barrel of a gun depends on keeping its most hands-on servants normalized and celebrated.

Mainstream Americans seeing McCain clearly will also be seeing themselves and what they’ve been duped into consenting to. Rejecting this illusion and pissing on McCain’s grave is a direct act of rebellion against the oppressive, war profiteering oligarchs and their allied defense and intelligence agencies.

The reason the US-centralized war machine is able to get away with unleashing unspeakable horror after unspeakable horror upon our world is because that war machine has become normalized and celebrated. So it is therefore our duty to call John McCain the wicked witch that he is and celebrate like munchkins when he dies.

In a healthy world, war-peddling neoconservatives like John McCain would be treated with the same social stigma as child molesters and serial killers. So let’s create that world.
Abnormalize war. Abnormalize the campaigns of mass slaughter for power and profit by the US-centralized war machine. Abnormalize the system which tries to normalize John McCain.

Normalize peace. Normalize an expectation that leaders will not advocate war at every opportunity.

Normalize an environment where someone seeking out opportunities to push for war will be recoiled from in horror like the demonic freaks that they are. Normalize a world with no John McCains.

Oppose the calls of the social engineers for reverence and good behavior. The war machine is not entitled to our politeness. McCain’s family is not entitled to force the entire world to pretend that he wasn’t an evil child-killing monster. We need to drag this abomination out into the light where everyone can see it and call it what it is.

When the time comes (hopefully sooner than later), join me in celebrating John McCain’s death. Here’s to a world where such vile ghouls are treated like what they are.
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Opinion by Caitlin Johnstone / Republished with permission / Steemit / Report a typo
* VS politici worden zelfs onbeschaamd gesponsord door de wapenfabrikanten, waarmee deze politici functioneren als grootlobbyisten van het militair-industrieel complex, nader beschouwd is dit niets anders dan een heel smerige vorm van corruptie!!

PS: denk bij het voorgaande aan de verheerlijking in de media na hun dood van massamoordenaars als Thatcher, Reagan en andere enorme oorlogsmisdadigers..... Zeker de laatste 18 jaar lijkt het wat dit betreft wel of een besmettelijke ziekte de reguliere westerse (massa-) media heeft getroffen.......

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