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maandag 25 juni 2018

Iran het volgende slachtoffer van ongebreidelde VS terreur

Het is al tijden duidelijk dat Iran het volgende land na Syrië is, waar de grootste terreurentiteit op aarde, ofwel de VS zal toeslaan om een verandering van regime door te voeren. Anders gezegd: de VS zal Iran voor een groot deel kapot bombarderen en in stukken opdelen, zodat het in de nabije toekomst geen kans heeft om ook nog maar enige factor van betekenis te spelen in het Midden-Oosten........

Israël is al een paar jaar bezig om de boel in het westen op te hitsen tegen Iran, zie in de afgelopen tijd de tocht van de psychopathische rotschoft en Israëlische premier Netanyahu, de Palestijnenslachter, langs de parlementen van EU lidstaten en het EU parlement......

Terwijl Netanyahu het ene bloedbad na het andere aanricht onder de Palestijnen en naar goeddunken Syrische bases aanvalt (zogenaamd vanwege bevoorrading van Hezbollah in Libanon....), wijst hij met z'n in bloed gedrenkte armen (beter: poten) naar Iran als grote agressor.......

Waarschijnlijk heeft de VS nu al groepen in Iran opgezet tegen de regering en mocht deze vaak door de VS beproefde methode niet lukken (wat alweer hoogst waarschijnlijk niet zal gebeuren, zoals dit ook in Syrië niet lukte), is het zeer waarschijnlijk dat de VS Iran zal aanvallen, gesteund door de Israëlische terreurluchtmacht....

Als dit gebeurd zullen op zeker terreurgroepen als IS en Al Qaida op de grond vechten tegen Iraanse troepen, zij aan zij met VS troepen gesteund door een paar NAVO landen, als Australië, Groot-Brittannië, Polen en Hongarije....... (waar je niet hoeft op te kijken als ook Rutte 3 niet minstens haar steun aan de VS zal uitspreken....)

Overigens is dit bepaald niet de eerste vorm van agressie die de VS tegen het Iraanse volk zal gebruiken, neem de door de CIA toegegeven coup tegen de democratisch gekozen regering Mossadegh in 1953 en de smerige economische oorlogsvoering van de VS tegen dit land.......

Lees het volgende artikel van Caitlin Johnstone, waarin zij uitlegt waarom de VS Iran zal aanvallen.

The Phenomenon Known as “Qanon”

June 23, 2018 at 4:20 pm
Written by Caitlin Johnstone

(CJ Opinion) — I have been saying all year that the 8chan phenomenon known as “QAnon” is bogus, and as time has gone on the evidence has become overwhelming that it is an establishment psyop designed to herd the populist right into accepting the narratives and agendas of the establishment orthodoxy. Whether they’re claiming that every capitulation the Trump administration makes to longstanding neoconservative agendas is actually brilliant 4-D chess strategy, or saying that Julian Assange isn’t really trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy, QAnon enthusiasts are constantly regurgitating talking points which just so happen to fit in very conveniently with the interests of America’s defense and intelligence agencies.

A recent “Q drop” (a fancy name for an anonymous user posting text onto a popular internet troll message board with zero accountability) makes this more abundantly clear than ever, with text reading as follows:
Free Iran!!!
Regime change.
People have the power.
We stand with you.

Once you’re cheering for a longtime neoconservative agenda to be accomplished in one of George W Bush’s “Axis of Evil” countries, you are cheering for the establishment. Or, to put it more clearly to Q followers, you are cheering for the deep state.


So now you have conspiracy-minded populist right wingers being manipulated into supporting the same standard Bush administration globalist agendas that Alex Jones built his career on attacking. The support for regime change interventionism in Iran isn’t limited to the QAnon crowd, having now gone fully mainstream throughout Trump’s base, and I’d like to address a few of the arguments here that they have been bringing to me:

Iran is nowhere near the same thing as Iraq, Libya or Syria!”

Please go look at a globe and think a little harder about your position here. Iran is a target for regime change for the exact same reasons its neighbors Iraq and Syria have been; it occupies and extremely strategically significant location in an oil-rich region that the US-centralized empire wants full control of. Thinking this one is different because its government isn’t secular is the product of many years of Islamophobic propaganda; the plutocrats and their allied intelligence and defense agencies don’t care what religion sits on top of their oil, and Saudi Arabia proves it. Any argument made against Iranian theocracy could be made even more strongly against KSA theocracy, but you don’t see Sean Hannity advocating the overthrow of the Saudi royals, do you?

But this regime change intervention would be completely different!”

No it wouldn’t. There has never been a US-led regime change intervention in the Middle East that wasn’t disastrous. Cheering for regime change interventionism in Iran is cheering for all the destabilization, chaos, terror, death, rape and slavery that always necessarily comes with such interventions. Wanting to inflict that upon the world is monstrous.

This is different, though! This one is led by Trump! Look at all that he’s accomplished in North Korea!”

Okay, three things:
  1. All that Trump has done with North Korea is take the very first step in the most rudimentary beginnings of peace talks. I fully support him in taking that step, but you can’t legitimately treat it as an “accomplishment” which proves that he is a strategic genius capable of facilitating the impossible task of non-disastrous regime change in Iran.
  1. Even if Trump does help bring abiding peace to the Korean Peninsula, it won’t legitimize regime change interventionism in Iran. Hell, even if Trump gets North Korea to denuclearize (and he won’t), it still wouldn’t legitimize regime change interventionism in Iran. US-led regime change interventionism is always disastrous, especially in the easily destabilized geopolitical region of the Middle East.
  1. Neocons are always wrong about foreign policy. Always. There’s no reason to believe Trump spearheading a longstanding neocon agenda would work out any better than Bush or any other neocon.
Well what about the Iranians in Iran who want regime change?”

What about them? The fact that some Iranians want their government changed has nothing to do with you or your government. The Fox News and Washington Post pundits who keep pointing out the fact that Iran, like America, contains people who are unhappy with its current system of government are only ever trying to galvanize the west against Tehran. There’s no good reason for you to be acting as a pro bono CIA propagandist running around telling westerners how great it would be if the Mullahs were gone.

Well I don’t want the US to intervene, I just want the Iranians to free themselves!”

Two things:
  1. This administration is already currently engaged in regime change interventionism in Iran in the form of escalated CIA covert operations and harsh economic sanctions, and its involvement with Iranian terror cult MEKsuggests it may run far deeper than that in a similar way to US involvement with extremist groups in Syria, Libya and Ukraine.
  1. Why say anything, then? Ever stop to ask yourself why you’re always cheering for Iranians to overthrow their government? Why constantly cheerlead for something which requires zero western involvement? Whom does that help? Do you think Iranians don’t already know that America hates their government?
All you’re doing is helping to signal boost the pro-regime change propaganda that US defense and intelligence agencies have been seeding into American public consciousness for many years. Your “Yay, free Iran!” sentiments aren’t helping Iranians, they’re helping the western propagandists target western audiences. You’re just helping the public get more okay with any actions taken against the Iranian government, in exactly the same way Russiagaters help manufacture support for escalations against Russia.

Iran is Next!

Come on, people. Think harder. This one isn’t difficult. It’s not a random coincidence that you’re all being paced into supporting regime change in the final target named seventeen years ago in General Wesley Clark’s famous “seven countries in five years” list of neocon regime change agendas. The only thing that has changed is the face on the agenda.

Iran is not different from the other regime change targets of Iraq, Libya or Syria. Barack Obama served George W Bush’s third and fourth terms, and Donald Trump is serving his fifth. They were strong-armed in different ways by America’s unelected power establishment into advancing different regime change agendas depending on where their political support came from and public sentiment at the time, but it’s all been pointed at the exact same region for the exact same reasons.

Leave Iran alone. Leave the Iranian people alone. There is no legitimate reason for you to be cheering for regime change in Iran, and anyone who tells you otherwise is an evil piece of shit. Reject them.
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Opinion by Caitlin Johnstone / Republished with permission / Steemit / Report a typo

        en: 'Iran houdt zich aan de nucleaire deal dit in tegenstelling tot de VS........'

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        en: 'VS bewandelt dezelfde weg richting Iran, als die voor de illegale oorlog tegen Irak in 2003, aldus één van de verantwoordelijken voor die oorlog........'

        en: 'Netanyahu vergelijkt Iran met nazi-Duitsland en stelt dat Iran een bedreiging is voor de wereldvrede..... ha! ha! ha! ha!'

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        en: 'Oliemaatschappijen weigeren n.a.v. VS sancties de jet van Iraanse minister af te tanken'

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        en: 'John Bolton heeft beloofd dat Iran voor 2019 onder een ander regime zal leven.......'

        en: 'Saoedi-Arabië dreigt Iran aan te vallen voor vanuit Jemen afgevuurde 'raketten' op Saoedische 'doelen..........''

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        en: 'VS, de werelddictator: Iran-deal is van nul en generlei waarde (op basis van leugens en achterklap).......'

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