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woensdag 26 september 2018

Bolton (nationaal veiligheidsadviseur van Trump) zegt Rusland de wacht aan wat betreft haar verdediging van Syrië

De bekendmaking van Rusland dat het de S-300 raketten aan Syrië wil leveren, wekte de woede van psychopaat, oorlogsmisdadiger en oorlogshitser Bolton, die het beest Trump o.a. adviseert op het gebied van de 'buitenland politiek...'

Als gevolg van het neerhalen van een Russisch militair vliegtuig door terreurstaat Israël, heeft Bolton Rusland gewaarschuwd haar aanwezigheid in Syrië niet uit te breiden met de zo door Israël en de VS gevreesde Russische S-300 raketten (terwijl de VS zelf al 2 maal onterecht kruisraketten afschoot op Syrische doelen....).  

Levering van deze raketten aan Syrië is bepaald niet vreemd als je de brutaliteit van de Israëlische luchtmacht ziet, zo maakt het 'te onpas en te onpas' gebruik van het Libanese luchtruim om haar (illegale) terreur te zaaien in Syrië >> met de S-300 raketten kunnen de Israëlische straaljagers uit de lucht worden gehaald.

Geen hond die het over dat laatste heeft, alsof het de normaalste zaak van de wereld is dat een uiterst agressieve staat bombardementsvluchten uitvoert, met als aanvliegroute een ander land, zoals gezegd Libanon........ In feite is dat een oorlogsmisdaad en zoals je waarschijnlijk wel weet in het plegen van oorlogsmisdaden behoort Israël tot de wereld top 3 (met op nummer 1 terreurentiteit VS en nummer 3 de reli-fascistische terreurstaat Saoedi-Arabië).

Bolton wenst voorts niets te weten over het sluiten van het luchtruim voor gebieden waar Rusland actief is, wat Rusland en Syrië volgens zeggen zouden overwegen na het neerhalen van het Russische militaire vliegtuig. Dit terwijl er al langere tijd geruchten rondgaan dat de VS zelf 'no-fly zones' in Syrië wil instellen, waar de straaljagers en bommenwerpers van dat land nooit zijn aangevallen door Syrië of Rusland......

In feite stelt Bolton dat er stront aan de knikker komt als de Syrische defensie werkelijk een bedreiging zou worden voor de ongebreidelde illegale Israëlische en VS terreur in haar land (terreur is altijd illegaal, maar het wordt tijd dat iedereen het beest bij de naam gaat noemen)

Het is voor de Syrische bevolking te hopen dat Rusland nu op haar strepen blijft staan en zich niet laat intimideren door de VS.

Syria: Bolton Throws Down the Gauntlet

Syria: Bolton Throws Down the Gauntlet

A terrible beauty was born last night with the sequence of dramatic events taking a curious turn, following the shooting down of the Russian plane on September 17 near the coastline of Latakia, Syria, killing fifteen personnel on board the aircraft.

After a meticulous investigation by the Russian side, Moscow has blamed Israel. It has also constituted a criminal case. Indeed, under international law, a criminal act took place and a crime is per se accountable and punishable. Tel Aviv must be acutely conscious of that.
Meanwhile, Russia has begun initiating moves that ensure that such tragic incidents do not recur. As initial step, Moscow proposes to equip Syrian air defence establishment with the formidable S-300 missile defence system. More such measures are expected in the coming days and weeks.
At which point, last night, US National Security Advisor John Bolton came in from the cold and tweeted that the Russian move regarding S-300 is a “significant escalation” and that Moscow should “reconsider”. Washington has decided to make a lateral entry into what so far wore the look of a Russian-Israeli-Syrian triangle. It stands to reason that Bolton has been watching developments with an eagle’s eye all but kept mum until Russia made its first big move.
Last night, the Russian-Israeli-Syrian triangle morphed into a US-Russian-Israeli triangle. That in turn brings up the big question: Wasn’t the latter triangle the real one all along? Put differently, was Israel acting alone at all on September 17 or is it that Tel Aviv pulled strings in Washington for the big daddy to intervene since Moscow turned on the heat?
In either case, a terrible beauty is born, as Bolton’s crisp, cryptic wording underlines. He didn’t elaborate what he meant by “significant escalation” and, equally, he left a challenge vaguely suspended in the air by calling for a Russian rethink on the S-300 decision. Importantly, Bolton’s tweet ignored Moscow’s clarification at the highest level on Monday that the Russian motivation is principally to “avert any potential threat” to the lives of Russian personnel deployed to Syria.
Simply put, what emerges from Bolton’s tweet is that any Russian moves towards the “significant” strengthening of the Syrian capability to deter aggression or closing the Syrian air space in regions where Russian personnel are deployed will not find favor with Washington. This is a curious stance, to say the least. Especially when there are strong and persistent rumors that the US is also feverishly working to establish a “no-fly zone” in northeastern Syria that might possibly cover a big swathe of territory stretching from Manbij in Aleppo province to Deir Ezzor bordering the Euphrates, and that an advanced air defence and radar system has already been established near the Turkish border with northern Syria’s Ayn al-Arab (also known as Kobani), held by Kurdish groups. This is, by the way, despite the fact that the ISIS is not known to possess any capability to stage air attacks.
That is to say, one the one hand, US is establishing an air defence system to protect its Kurdish allies in Syria from attacks while on the other hand, it is contesting any Russian move to strengthen the deterrent capability of the Syrian government against Israeli air attacks. What is the game plan?
The US strategy in Syria has phenomenally evolved through the past one-year period from the professed agenda of fighting terrorism to shaping the political future of Syria. The US has all but acknowledged its intention to keep an open-ended presence in Syria. President Trump no longer talks about a withdrawal of US troops from Syria. Alongside, Washington has also reopened the regime agenda in Syria.
All in all, it must be understood very clearly that the US not only refuses to accept defeat in the Syrian conflict, which it engineered some 7 years ago, but is determined to be the winner, and will use all power at its disposal to reach that desired goal. This means that the Washington expects Moscow not to stand in the way of the Pentagon’s action plan to degrade the Syrian government forces to a point where they stood in a priori history in mid-2015 before the Russian intervention.
Enter Israel. The US-Israeli congruence in the above project does not need elaboration, because a regime change in Syria and the potential dismemberment of that country could guarantee that Israel’s illegal occupation of the Golan Heights will never be challenged on the ground, leaving the Trump administration a free hand to accord international legitimacy to that occupation as part of any “Syrian settlement”.
Suffice to say, Russia is the proverbial dog in the Syrian manger. Iran’s presence in Syria is more of a nuisance that can be tackled separately by Israel, but so long as Russian aerospace capabilities provide cover for the Syrian government forces, the US and Israel run into headwinds in demolishing them systematically for advancing the regime change project.
The logical conclusion of the US-Israeli project lies in the removal of the Russian bases from Syrian territory. Neither the US nor Israel can countenance a military presence superior to Israel’s in the entire Middle East region. The actual Russian deployment to Syria may not be big, but Israel is very well aware that Russia has vast strategic depth, which it cannot hope to match.
The bottom line is that so long as Russia has a strategic presence in the Middle East, Israel cannot regain its military dominance in the region. And time doesn’t work in Israel’s favour, either. Iran is rising and Turkey remains unfriendly. The sooner things get done, the better for Israel – preferably while Trump remains in office.
Clearly, Bolton has thrown down the gauntlet. The tragic incident of September 17 cannot be viewed in isolation. 
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PS: een aantal grote mediaorganen durven keihard te stellen dat Syrië het Russische vliegtuig per ongeluk heeft neergehaald......... Ach ja, zo worden we dag na dag besodemieterd door de reguliere (massa-) media, die daarnaast het gore lef hebben te klagen over 'fake news' (nepnieuws) op de sociale media...... E.e.a. terwijl ze zelf het meest gevaarlijke nepnieuws brengen, neem de aanloop tot de illegale oorlogen en het nepnieuws dat werd en wordt gebracht tijdens die illegale oorlogen van de VS tegen Afghanistan, Irak, Libië en zoals hierboven beschreven Syrië...... (om nog maar te zwijgen over de ronduit anti-Russische propaganda aangaande Oekraïne en De Krim, alles gebaseerd op leugens...)

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