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woensdag 26 september 2018

Hersenspoeling via de massamedia en hoe e.e.a. middels 5 filters werkt, o.a. propaganda voor oorlogsvoering

Ontving een artikel van Caitlin Johnstone dat begint met de veroordeling van Bill Cosby, waar ze terecht wijst op de vrouwonvriendelijkheid in de media, o.a.met het aanhalen van het praatje dat Cosby al decennia lang 'héél komisch' in de media herhaalde, dat je vrouwen best kan drogeren om ze daarna te misbruiken.

Over Cosby is gelukkig al genoeg geschreven en ben blij dat de schoft tot een onvoorwaardelijke gevangenisstraf is veroordeeld, hier de link naar het hele artikel van Johnstone.

Johnstone gaat in haar betoog over op de andere rol van de massamedia in de VS bij het hersenspoelen van het volk in voorbereiding op weer een andere illegale oorlog, dan wel hen voor te liegen over acties bijvoorbeeld van een land als Rusland. (overigens gebeurt hetzelfde in de EU en dus ook in Nederland, zo worden we bijna dagelijks keihard voorgelogen over de oorlog in Syrië.....)

Hier het laatste deel van het artikel dat Johnstone schreef, zie ook de 4,46 minuten durende leuke video met een geanimeerde, duidelijke uitleg van Noam Chomsky's: 'The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine' die onder het artikel van Johnstone is te vinden, deze video werd ingesproken door de uitstekende journalist, auteur en presentator Amy Goodman:

If Society Understood Sovereignty, It Would End Rape Culture, Imperialism, And Propaganda

Power, when you get right down to it, is ultimately about control. The ability to control other human beings and decide what happens to them. The more control you have over human lives, the more power you have. Some exert totalitarian control over their spouse and their children, and within their homes they are all-powerful. Some exert control over entire groups of nations, and have the power of life and death over entire populations. Those individuals are the most powerful people in the world.
But in order to have control over another person, you must necessarily violate their personal sovereignty. You must find a way to get your will to override their own will for their own lives in order to control them, be it by physical force, legal compulsion, psychological manipulation, or rape drugs. This is why power-facilitating narratives advanced by governments, religions, education/indoctrination systems, and mass media outlets have aways explained to their audiences why it is in their best interest to subvert their personal sovereignty over their lives, their bodies, their reproductive systems, and their minds.

So, never. 

President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton is a PNAC founder, a lead architect of the Iraq invasion, and once threatened to murder a diplomat’s sons for standing in the way of the rape of Iraq. He is the neocon’s neocon, and his respect for both national and personal sovereignty is so nonexistent that I would not be the slightest bit surprised to learn that he has raped his wife or anyone else. Sovereignty is such a non-thing in Bolton’s reality tunnel that he recently claimed that Russia giving Syria air defense systems to defend its own airspace “would be a significant escalation by the Russians,” and added that US troops are going to remain in Syria “as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias.”
To be clear, the US military is in Syria without the permission of the Syrian government, while the Iranian military and its so-called proxies are there at the invitation of the Syrian government to help combat the terrorist forces which have overrun the nation with the help of the US-centralized empire. Bolton is the kind of guy that crashes your party uninvited, drinks all the punch and knocks over the snack table, and when your boyfriend asks him to leave, he tells you he’s not leaving until your boyfriend leaves first. That’s essentially what he’s saying.
The gall it takes to say that your military will continue illegally occupying a sovereign nation for as long as its allies continue to do the thing that allies do is such a grotesque perversion of the concept of sovereignty that if more Americans had a better understanding of that concept John Bolton would have caused national outrage by saying it. But of course he didn’t, because they don’t. It’s just assumed that America is entitled to decide what sovereign nations do with their own allies, and that it is allowed to invade and occupy their land to force them to comply.
”Iran treats Iraq like it’s not an independent nation. Iran sees Iraq as a transit point for weapons and a training ground for its proxies. Iran seeks to keep Iraq economically weak. Why? Because Iran wants to use a weak Iraq to illicitly fund its terrorist activities.”
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The worst part was that time in 2003 when Iran invaded Iraq, killed a million people and destabilized the entire region, which they manufactured consent for by lying to the public about weapons of mass destruction. We all remember Iran doing that, right? 
Americans accept this gross violation of sovereignty because they have been propagandized to accept it by the mass media machine which spends all day every day manufacturing support for the agendas of those who control the most humans. But this is a violation of Americans’ mental sovereignty, in exactly the same way slipping a rape drug into a woman’s drink is a violation of her sexual sovereignty. Just as Bill Cosby made it his life’s mission to try and manufacture the illusion of sexual consent from women using rape drugs, the most powerful people in the world have been using the mass media to try and manufacture the illusion of consent for their agendas of war, oppression and ecocide.
It is not America’s place to tell Syria and Iran what they’re allowed to do inside one another’s borders any more than it’s the government’s place to tell a woman what she can and cannot do inside her own body, whether that be having sex with whom she pleases or having an abortion if she decides that’s in her best interest. It is not the plutocrats’ place to slip manipulative narratives into the minds of the masses any more than it was Bill Cosby’s place to slip rape drugs into a woman’s drink. It is not America’s place to invade a sovereign nation and occupy its land to force it to obey its commands any more than it was Bill Cosby’s place to insert his penis into a drugged woman.
Power depends on systematic and relentless violations of sovereignty in myriad forms around the world, which is why powerful people act like such disgusting, rapey creeps all the time. In a healthy world, which I firmly believe we can create, a deep understanding of sovereignty in all its forms will replace this toxic dynamic in which the rapey fingers of power are constantly inserting themselves into lives, minds and nations in order to dominate and control them. In such a society, everything from rape to imperialism to propaganda will stand out like a black fly on a white sheet of paper and be expelled like a pathogen by a healthy immune system.

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