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maandag 18 januari 2016

Hillary Clinton en Tony Blair creëerden de hel op aarde in Libië........

Het volgende artikel van Dan Sanches kwam ik tegen op het blog van Stan van Houcke, die het op zijn beurt van Information Clearing House (HCI) haalde. Van Houcke plaatste het artikel onder de titel: Hillary! Hoflands 'Ideale Kandidaat' 2. Nogmaals wordt met dit artikel de waanzin duidelijk gemaakt van het VS buitenlands beleid, ditmaal de terreur waarmee men ongewenste leiders opruimt of laat opruimen....

In dit artikel aandacht voor het duivelse karakter van Hillary Clinton, m.n. haar bemoeienis met Libië en de omverwerping van Khadaffi, wat tot de enorme chaos leidde in dit land. Bovendien heeft de moord op Khadaffi geleid tot grote ellende in Mali, waar onze militairen, met gevaar voor eigen leven, volkomen zinloos miljoenen aan belastinggeld verspillen...... Bovendien aandacht voor een opmerkelijke profetische uitlating van Khadaffi.... Lees en huiver (voor een vertaling kunt u onder dit artikel op de link Dutch klikken, dat neemt wel wat tijd in beslag):

After Me, the Jihad
Gaddafi’s Unheeded Warning to the West

By Dan Sanchez
January 16, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - Before the French 
Revolution and its Reign of Terror, Louis XV predicted, “After me, 
the Deluge.” Before being overthrown, Libya’s secular dictator tried 
to warn the West of a new Reign of Terror, essentially foretelling, 
“After me, the Jihad.”
This was disclosed with the recent release of phone conversations 
from early 2011 between Muammar Gaddafi and former British 
Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The West was then gearing up to use unrest in Libya as a pretext for 
 military intervention and regime change. Gaddafi desperately tried 
to convey through Blair the folly of such a war, pleading that he was 
trying to defend Libya from Al Qaeda, which had set up base in the 
country. He said:
They have managed to get arms and terrify people. people can’t leave 
 their homes… It’s a jihad situation. They have arms and are terrorising
 people in the street.”

Gaddafi’s warning went unheeded, and NATO, led by the U.S. and 
France, launched an air war that toppled Libya’s government. Later 
that year, Gaddafi (himself a brutal oppressor, like all heads of state) 
was forced out of a drainage pipe, and then beaten, sodomized, and 
shot in the street by a mob. His corpse was then draped over the hood 
of a car.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had done more than any 
single person to advance the Libya War, was informed of Gaddafi’s 
death while on camera. Fancying herself a modern Caesar, she chortled, 
We came, we saw, he died!

Since then, Gaddafi has been proven tragically right. As Libya descended
 into civil war and failed-state chaos, jihadi groups connected to Al Qaeda 
conquered much of the country. Libya underwent the same American 
“liberation” that had already befallen Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia — 
and would soon be visited on Syria and Yemen.

Shortly after Gaddafi’s overthrow, some of the now-rampant jihadis helped 
the CIA run guns from Benghazi to fellow jihadis in Syria. Benghazi had 
been a rebel stronghold. The Obama administration claimed a Gaddafi-
perpetrated “genocide” was imminent in that city, using that claim as the 
chief justification for the war. There was zero indication of such an 
impending atrocity. But there was ample evidence of an Al Qaeda presence
 in Benghazi, as Gaddafi tried to tell Blair, saying that members had 
“…managed to set up local stations and in Benghazi have spread the thoughts 
 and ideas of al Qaeda.”

After the regime change, on September 11, 2012, the jihadis turned 
on their U.S. allies in Benghazi, sacked the U.S. diplomatic compound, 
and murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Now ISIS has spread throughout Libya. Just days ago, ISIS perpetrated
a truck bombing that killed dozens at a Libyan police academy in Sirte, 
a former Gaddafi stronghold. Indeed, Gaddafi informed Blair that jihadis 
had “attacked police stations” back in 2011.

Gaddafi further warned Blair:
They want to control the Mediterranean and then they will attack 
 Europe.” And ISIS has, indeed, been battling to take control of 
Libya’s main oil ports in recent weeks. The group has also long been 
planning to use Libya as a base from which to launch attacks on nearby 
southern Europe. ISIS did strike Europe recently, most famously in Paris.

And it was not just Gaddafi personally who had been ringing such 
alarms to the Western powers thirsting for his blood. His intelligence officers 
produced reports demonstrating that heavy weapons being sent to the Libyan 
opposition, with NATO approval and Qatari financing, were being funneled 
to militants with ties to Al Qaeda. At least one of those reports was even 
prepared in English to facilitate its transmission to key members of Congress 
via U.S. intelligence.

Yet, there was no need for the West to rely on the Libyan regime for 
information about the jihadi threat. Indeed, as emails recently released by 
the State Department reveal, Hillary Clinton’s own right-hand man had \
informed her before Gaddafi’s overthrow that rebels were committing 
war crimes, and that “…radical/terrorist groups such as the Libyan Fighting 
Groups and Al Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) are infiltrating the 
NLC and its military command.”

As Brad Hoff reports, that same email discloses that, very early in the 
Libyan crisis, British, French, and Egyptian special operations units 
were training Libyan militants along the Egyptian-Libyan border,
as well as in Benghazi suburbs.”

They would soon be joined by U.S. special forces and the CIA.

The war in Libya that Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, 
 and Samantha Power of the National Security Council were driving 
 toward was so predictably a fiasco-to-come that, behind the backs of 
the Amazon Warriors Three, America’s top generals conspired with 
 leftie peacenik Congressman Dennis Kucinich to try to arrange a 
 peaceful resolution to the crisis. But the war-making diplomats 
 triumphed over the diplomacy-making soldiers. Hillary buffaloed 
 the brass and got her war.

Abundant warnings of a Jihadi Deluge continued after the regime 
change, as well. As Nancy Youssef wrote at The Daily Beast:
“…many celebrated Libya as a success story of limited U.S. 
intervention despite obvious signs there of looming instability. 
The British consulate in Benghazi came under an attempted 
assassination attack the previous summer and other nations 
pulled out amid rising violence. The U.S. consulate in Benghazi 
suffered an improvised bomb attack around the time of the strike 
on the British. And there were early signs of a rising jihadist 
presence in the eastern city. In Tripoli, Sufi shrines were 
destroyed. (…)

In the months leading up to the [2012 Benghazi] attack, flags 
 belonging to a jihadist group, Ansar al Sharia, appeared in 
 Benghazi. Ansar al Sharia members also controlled security 
around certain government buildings, including the hospital 
that would try to save Stevens.

In that ensuing power vacuum, jihadists began claiming territory, 
 making it difficult for the moderate government to control the 
 country. By 2013, Libya’s oil production all but stopped as the 
 nation plunged toward civil war and a state led by two rival 
 governments on opposite ends of the country. Efforts to create 
a unity government have so far faltered. Benghazi, the birthplace 
 of the 2011 uprising, became a terrorist haven. And today, many 
 Libyans yearn for the return of Gaddafi, however dictatorial his 
 regime was, because of the security that came with him.”

Conservative politicos have long strained to use Benghazi to torpedo 
Hillary’s bid for the presidency. But their efforts are crippled by their 
 own fundamental agreement with Hillary’s militarism. They support 
the general policy of employing jihadis to overthrow secular dictators 
(not only in Libya, but Syria too). So they limit themselves to whining 
about Hillary’s security measures.

The true Benghazi scandal indicts not just Hillary, but the entire 
 Western power elite, whose wars have, as Gaddafi warned, flooded 
 the world with a Jihadi Deluge and installed a postdiluvian Reign of 
Terror over us all.

Dan Sanchez currently resides in Auburn, Alabama. You can find his 
 work on

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Laten we na dit artikel niet vergeten, dat onder Khadaffi
huisvesting was gegarandeerd en gratis, energie was gratis,
scholing was gratis en studies in het buitenland werden
volledig door de overheid betaald, gezondheidszorg was
eveneens gratis, enz. enz. Van dit alles is geen sprake meer,
de energielevering werkt met wat geluk een paar uur per dag
en de infrastructuur is terug gebombardeerd, tot het niveau
van pakweg 1900......

Voor meer berichten n.a.v. het voorgaande, klik op één van
de labels, die u onder dit bericht terugvindt. Dit geldt niet voor
de labels 'Sanchez' en 'Hoff'.

Mijn excuus voor de belabberde vormgeving.

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