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maandag 14 november 2016

Ruslandfobie: anti-Russische propaganda, waarvoor Goebbels zich niet zou hebben geschaamd!

Op 7 november jl. werd het volgende artikel op Information Clearing House geplaatst. Hierin een vrij korte en uiterst scherpe analyse van de leugens die ons dagelijks door de strot worden geduwd, onder verantwoording van de westerse politiek en de westerse reguliere (afhankelijke) media.

Leugens die er zo dik bovenop liggen, dat je je werkelijk afvraagt, wie dat nog gelooft....... Neem ook de keuze voor de tweede keer, Saoedi-Arabië te benoemen tot voorzitter van de VN mensenrechtenorganisatie UNHRC.....* Saoedi-Arabië, de dictatuur waar de 'Oranjes' mee bevriend zijn......** S-A u weet wel de totaal losgeslagen reli-psychopaten, die van onthoofdingen 'een openbaar feest' maken, een regime dat schijt heeft aan alle mensenrechten, waar arbeiders uit arme landen op een vreselijke manier worden misbruikt en uitgenomen (waarvoor maar één woord past: slavernij), het land dat in buurland Jemen, de ene grote oorlogsmisdaad na de andere begaat........

Zoals op deze plek al vaker aangehaald, ook de leugens over 'de enorme agressie van Rusland', waarvoor u dagelijks wordt gewaarschuwd door politiek en reguliere media, wordt in dit artikel besproken en vergeleken met het: 'vredelievende' VS..... De VS dat de ene illegale oorlog na de andere begint en het niet laten kan VS niet welgevallige (democratisch geregeerde) regimes als Venezuela omver te werpen, eerst met economische maatregelen als boycots en als dat niet lukt middels het organiseren van een opstand, alweer zoals in het geval van Venezuela, maar ook Oekraïne en een land als Honduras...... Als dat niet lukt, gaat men over tot totale oorlogsvoering tegen zo'n land.......

Hier het artikel:

Russophobia: War Party Propaganda
The world’s most reactionary regime, the head-chopping, terror-sponsoring Saudi Arabian kleptocracy, was awarded the chair of the UN Human Rights Council, while Russia has been kicked out. The travesty was engineered by the Superpower of Lies to punish Moscow for resisting the U.S.-led war of sectarian massacre and regime change in Syria. The War Party is on the march, to the cheers of corporate media – and Hillary hasn’t even been elected yet.

By Margaret Kimberley
All attempts to stop the fighting were rejected by the U.S. and NATO and sealed the fate of the Syrian people.”
November 06, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "BAR" - Did Russia invade Iraq and kill one million people? Does Russia have a greater percentage of its population behind bars than any other country in the world? Did Russia occupy Haiti after kidnapping its president? Are Russian police allowed to shoot children to death without fear of repercussion? Is Russia entering its 20th year of a terror war against the people of Somalia? All of these crimes take place in or at the direction of the United States. Yet the full force of propaganda and influence on world opinion is directed against Russia, which whatever its shortcomings cannot hold a candle to America in violating human rights.

The dangers presented by a Hillary Clinton presidency cannot be overstated. She and the war party have been steadily working towards a goal that defies logic and risks all life on earth. Regime change is once again their modus operandi and they hope to make it a reality against Russia.

Nearly every claim of Russian evil doing is a lie, a ruse meant to put Americans in a fighting mood and lose their fear of nuclear conflagration. It isn’t clear if Clinton and the rest of the would-be warriors actually realize they are risking mushroom clouds. Perhaps they believe that Vladimir Putin will be easily pushed around when all evidence points to the contrary.

The unproven allegations of interference in the presidential election and casting blame on Russia as the sole cause of suffering in Syria are meant to desensitize the public. It is an age old ploy which makes war not just acceptable but deemed a necessity. The usual suspects are helping out eagerly. The corporate media, led by newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post (WP), are front and center in pushing tales of Russian villainy. Human Rights Watch and other organizations who care nothing about abuses committed by the United States and its allies are also playing their usual role of choosing the next regime change victim.

Russia lost its seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council in part because of American pressure and public relations assistance from the human rights industrial complex. The UNHRC is now chaired by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy that funds the jihadist terrorist groups who caused 500,000 Syrian deaths. The Saudis are causing dislocation, death and starvation in Yemen, too, but they are American allies, so there is little opposition to their misdeeds.

The openly bigoted Donald Trump has been the perfect foil for Hillary Clinton. That is why she and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership preferred him as their rival. He made the case for the discredited lesser evilism argument and his sensible statements about avoiding enmity with Russia made him even more useful.

The United States and its allies are the cause of Syria’s destruction. Their effort to overthrow president Assad created a humanitarian disaster complete with ISIS and al Nusra fighters who love to chop off heads for entertainment. Far from being the cause of the catastrophe Russia left its ally to fight alone for four years. They even made overtures to negotiate Assad’s fate with the United States. All attempts to stop the fighting were rejected by the U.S. and NATO and sealed the fate of the Syrian people. The people of east Aleppo are being shelled by American allies but one wouldn’t know that by reading what passes for journalism in newspapers and on television. The American role in the slaughter is barely mentioned or is excused as an effort to protect the civilian population. The bloodshed was made in the U.S. and could end if this government wanted it to.

The anti-Russian propaganda effort has worked to perfection. NATO is massing troops on Russia’s borders in a clear provocation yet Putin is labeled the bad guy. He is said to be menacing the countries that join in threatening his nation. The United States makes phony claims of Russian war crimes despite having blood on its hands. The latest Human Rights Watch canards about prosecuting Assad come straight from the White House and State Department and have nothing to do with concern for Syrians living in their fifth year of hell.

There is no lesser evil between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. She is fully supported by the war party in her desire for a more “muscular” foreign policy. That bizarre term means death and starvation for millions more people if Clinton wins in a landslide. She must be denied a victory of that magnitude and any opportunity to claim a mandate. Peace loving people must give their votes to the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. They are alone in rejecting the premise of an imperialist country and its endless wars.

The United States is the most dangerous country in the world. If it has a reckless and war loving president the threat becomes existential. That is the prospect we face with a Hillary Clinton presidency. If the role of villain is cast on the world stage she is the star of the show.
Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

** Zoals bij de dood van de oude koning van S-A, waarvoor niet alleen Rutte afreisde, maar ook Willem Alexander.....

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