Geen evolutie en ecolutie zonder revolutie!

Albert Einstein:

Twee dingen zijn oneindig: het universum en de menselijke domheid. Maar van het universum ben ik niet zeker.

woensdag 22 juni 2016

Britons: vote against the EU, you'll be far better off!!

Britons don't let your politicians and newspapers fool you. Your economy won't go to smithereens and your unemployment won't grow, with a truly independent Great Britain!

You will be saved from EU regulations, which already helped Greece to the bottom. Regulations which will harm your labor rights, where generations before you have fought for. Thatcher harmed your country in an crazy way, the EU will 'finish this neoliberal job.....'

Great Britain can close free trade agreements with the EU, as it did in the past.

Don't let the political, journalistic and big company liars scare you with war and economic downfall!

Countries as Norway and Switzerland are doing better than most EU countries!!

The EU is a tax money gobbling monster!

Your primeminister Cameron said that your sovereignty  and independence is guaranteed in the EU, as proof he mentioned the EU referendum...... ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! This lying asshole knows that the EU will have to get much more power, will it survive, which the EU is working on for more than 2 decades already and the power of the EU is growing ever since!!

Vote against the EU, so the EU, with Germany at the steering wheel, can't demolish your country, as it did with Greece!!

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